domingo, 4 de octubre de 2009

The million pound house.

Few days ago went with Lottie (my "boss", the mum of the kids I look after) to see a house not far away from Haddington, a million pound house. Yes, I know, I'll never be able to own one of those, but at least I can say now that I've been inside one. Oh yeah!
I wish I had taken pictures, but thought it was gonna be quite strange to ask the owner if I could.
Anyway, it's the most amazing house I've seen in my life. Everything was sooo perfect and clean, every little detail was taken care of, I bet you could eat on the floor and you could even lick it after!

The windows of each room were huge, so you could see the Firth of Forth( ) and Arthur's Seat (,_Edinburgh)! Must say I went to the top of Arthur's Seat on my Birthday! Quite tiring, but it was worth it!
Well, let's continue with the house.. It must have like 3 dining rooms, 5 or 6 rooms (i'm still lost in my mind, there had to be like 3 differents corridors!), at least 4 or 5 bathrooms and a room for the laundry, another one for the food, even the books had their own room..

The only problem, the place was quite open, I mean, the gardens and so, so the winds from the River came straight and even with my coat, hat and so on, i was freezing!

But anyway, if I ever get a million pound, I know where to go.

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  1. Funnily enough, I dreamt I had a similar house last night... It came with two maids and a cook too. I suppose that if I could afford a one-million-pound house, I can also afford the luxury of having "service" :)
    Next time, take pictures!